We understand there is a lot to think about when buying your first home.

“How much can I afford?”

“What type of property do I want?”

“Where do I want to buy?”

Chatfield Consulting has helped hundreds of first home buyers make their first home a reality.

Your Chatfield Consulting representative can make this process easier for you by:

  • Helping you choose a suitable home loan from a wide panel of lenders.
  • Completing all necessary documentation for you.
  • Educating you about all of the other costs involved such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees and bank fees.
  • Helping you apply for the First Home Buyer’s Grant if you are eligible.
  • Partnering with a range of Independent Property Buyers to begin a journey of property wealth.

We can complete all the necessary forms for approval by the lender so you’re off and running.

So you haven’t yet found your dream home?

No worries – you can get pre-approval from your Chatfield Consulting representative so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you can borrow. Contact us today to find out how.