APRA Australia’s regulatory body for lending has applied restrictions to mortgage providers in order to slow down the growth of investment lending. The fallout has seen changes across the board in rates and capacity to access funds for future lending. Investor lending is not dead and solutions are readily available providing competitive options to investors.

For an in depth explanation see Episode 5 form Chatfield TV

CASE STUDY: $80,000 per year in interest saved!

Commercial lending rates are applied differently to residential rates with a significant higher cost involved in the monthly interest payment. A Finance Review with a Chatfield Consulting Finance Specialist resulted in an $80,000 per year interest rate saving by successfully applying residential rates to the loan. An individualised approach and thinking outside the box rewarded this associate with huge savings and the ability to reduce the loan at a much faster rate.



3.97% variable rate for your investment property

4.07% comparison rate conditions apply


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