Mortgage Broker vs. a bank - what's the difference?

Whether you’re buying your first home or investing in multiple properties, your mortgage broker plays a huge part in making sure you have the right finance, at the right time.

There’s a low awareness in the market of what a mortgage broker really does and many Aussies opt for a home loan through their bank - thinking it’s the easy option.

The problem is - when it comes to a large bank, you’re just a number. At Chatfield Consulting, we sit down with you to understand who you are as a person, what your goals are and how we can best help you to achieve them. To us, it’s about the relationship - not just the loan.

There’s a number of other reasons why a mortgage broker could be the better choice for you, so we’ve gone ahead and listed them below.

  1. Your local Chatfield mortgage broker is easily contactable via phone, email or in person. Go through a bank and you may struggle to reach your broker in a time of need; with strict opening hours and perhaps even a switchboard to go through.

  2. We keep it simple. With thousands of products, interest rates and T&Cs to sort through, we help you to understand what’s really going on, and which product will suit you and your individual situation. So we’ll not only get you the lowest rates, but the product with the best features for your needs.

  3. We’re local, too. Our small team is based in Wembley, WA. We’re experienced when it comes to the local market and that means we understand you!

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