Acquiring assets whether it be your own home or an investment property not only increases your wealth position but also increases your exposure to risk.
Chatfield Financial Planning provides risk management strategies to individuals, commercial operations or businesses, trusts and superannuation funds.
A personalised approach to assessing your needs and suggesting risk management options to protect
your wealth and to provide assurance to your family and or business in event of an unforeseen incident.
A simple step-by-step process to securing your piece of mind begins with a no obligation consultation to ascertain your current circumstances, finance goals and exposure to risk. A full assessment is completed which is followed by a presentation of your strategy with the series of recommendations that meet your needs and financial goals.
If any of these apply to you then take advantage of our complementary risk management assessment in your
home or in our office.

  • Own a home or an investment property
  • Only source of income for you and your family
  • Self Employed or a Company Director
  • Rely only on your salary for living costs

We offer the following insurances and show clients how to structure debt protection for those with mortgages of any kind.

Life Insurance

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Trauma Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Income & Asset Protection Insurance